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Cale at the Window

14 x 18, Oil on Canvas

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Comment: "We so LOVE the painting of our son and how it captures that adorable "little boy" stage in his life! It is the closest thing to a time capsule that I have ever found. I can't wait to share it with everyone who holds him dear as I know they will love how you have rendered all the details. I spent time today gazing at the painting and all the sweet details... the swirl of hair on top of his head... the detail of the leaves on the trees outside the window... the way his clothing doesn't just hang empty, but they feel like there are bones and flesh that occupy them... the quality of the light in the painting and the tender rendering of the painting itself. It is somehow love captured in paint. Thank you, Jean-Marie, for making the planet more beautiful... one painting at a time! " -Terra and Courtney Goodman, Portland, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon

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