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20 x 24, Oil on Canvas

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Comment: "After a long time of thinking, I had an idea of how I wanted to see my wife, Oksana, in the portrait. When we met Jean-Marie she took plenty of beautiful pictures and we had a great time together. For myself, I had a very hard time finding the right words to tell Jean-Marie how I wanted the portrait to come out in the end. But, she did the impossible. It looked for a second like she got into my mind and soul and caught all my imagination about the portrait. So, when it was time to unveil the painting, Oksana and I were very overjoyed by how the portrait looked. Jean-Marie had a very positive and optimistic attitude and I know how much hard work and effort was put in, to create this beautiful portrait of my wife. In the end, the portrait of Oksana was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much Jean-Marie! " - Yuriy Ryavorskyy, Bothell, Washington

Tigard, Oregon

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