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11 x 14, Oil on canvas  


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Client Comment:

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jean-Marie’s unmatched talents as a fine artist evolve over the course of our long friendship. When I received the portrait of my dearest angel, Skyla, which was captured on Skype via a remote "reveal" and artist presentation, I immediately burst into tears. I had lost Skyla’s sister to a mountain lion attack, and Skyla healed my heart in the midst of tragedy. Seeing for the first time Skyla’s likeness and personality so perfectly captured in an heirloom-quality painting was an incredibly emotional and profound moment, one I will never forget. My beloved portrait now commands the prime spot in my home office, so that I can look at it every time I walk by or sit at my desk. Every day, without fail, I stop to study it, and I always discover another gentle nuance, another special detail, another tender quality of light and essence that again cause me to marvel at this artist’s immense talent. I have received a gift of the highest magnitude, and I would encourage any animal lover to commission Jean-Marie to create a portrait of their dearest companion that will provide lasting memories and evoke constant feelings of love and spirit.” ~Michelle Kodis

Tigard, Oregon

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